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9-Speed Hand mixer
DmofwHi 9-Speed Hand Mixer Electric with Timer and Digital Screen, Kitchen Handheld Mixer with Storage Case and 6 Stainless Steel Attachments

● DmofwHi 9-Speed electric hand mixer with 400 watts of ultra power, it can be easily stirred.

● Hand mixer has nine speed settings, which can be used to make different foods at different speeds.

● Automatic timer and electronic display help you pinpoint the best time to mix.

● The mixing speed can be easily controlled by four buttons, which can be started and stopped at any time to provide more flexible baking methods.

● The motor is equipped with an overheat protection system to extend the life of the hand mixer.



DmofwHi 9-Speed hand mixer electric comes with an electronic timer and display screen to accurately control the mixing time. Various speeds can be used to make different ingredients, such as whipped cream or egg whites.Four buttons can easily help you adjust the speed and consistency of the mixer. The protection of the overheating system can extend the life of the beater and your use time.






● Do the instructions with this mixer say that it should only be run for a certain number of minutes before being allowed to rest?

Yes, the mixer will stop automatically for a rest after working for 300 seconds.

● How many accessories i would get??

You will get 6 pieces mixing accessories , including 2 wired beaters,2 Dough Hooks, and 2 balloon-shaped whisks ,as well as a storage case for your store.

● Mixer is stuck on a high gear, I turn it off and turn it on a again. Always on a high setting

Mine is working fine .contact seller regarding this .It might be helpful.